“Sister of Silence” feedback inspires optimism

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If you know anyone who needs to make some serious life changes, please buy them a copy of Sister of Silence. If you’re a therapist or have one on speed dial, tell them to download it from Amazon. If you’re a parent, a teacher or someone who still stumbles through life numb and encumbered, get the book. It really can help you, as well as those important people whose lives you touch.
I recommend it not because I wrote it, but because so many other people say my story resonates with them, and they are recommending it to anyone and everyone. One reader has literally become a one-woman band, as she tells anyone whose path she crosses about this book, urging them to read it.
From California, another reader said her therapist is going to use Sister of Silence with her own patients.
I recommend it because a well-respected national expert in the field of domestic violence suggested I introduce it at an upcoming conference being held at the University of Berkeley.
And I continue to recommend it because daily—and often, more than once a day—I hear such positive feedback from readers who keep telling other people about it.
It’s honest and raw, and thoroughly candid in discussing some pretty ugly topics—but in a way that hopefully will leave you (the reader) more open to talking about sexual abuse, domestic violence, and filicide-suicide.
“Your book was amazing.” (A social worker who read Sister of Silence told me this yesterday.)
Another woman I just met, who owns a publishing company, said her dentist asked her if she’d read my book. (Now that’s great word of mouth advertising!)
“Your style of writing captures SO much emotion that I found myself swept away with each sentence!!! Please know that I will continue to suggest your book to others as it is a message that NEEDS to be heard,” another reader wrote.
“I finished reading your book last night. What a powerful story you have told! I admire your courage in making the choices that you had to make. I also admire your courage in telling your story. This book can be a significant aid to women who are living in their own Hell. I won’t ever forget your story. It breaks my heart that you had to live that way, but I am encouraged by the fact that you have made something positive of the experience by writing this book.” That’s what Rhonda Jenkins, an educator who’s seen her fair share of children stunted by abuse, told me last month.
“I am impressed with Daleen Berry. She is bright, brave, and a true blessing. This woman is making a difference.” (This is from another reader and while she credits me for what’s happening when people read my book, I don’t. I do believe that anyone who has survived something painful can—if they are willing—turn their negative experience into something positive that has the ability to help other people.)
At a recent book reading, one woman bought four copies of my Sister of Silence. Four! One for herself, one for her daughter, and two for friends or family! She had heard enough about it to believe its message would make a difference. I hope it is. And does.


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