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By Amazon Reviewer “Anonymous” Dec. 17, 2011I cannot begin to express the effect this book had on me and my life. It alerted me to the abuse that can so easily and quickly enter relationships and emphasized just how large of a devastating effect it can have on women. Because of reading this book and a friendship with the author, I was able to leave what was a potentially very emotionally abusive relationship. This book was a large tool in saving my future. Not only is it extremely informative, but also amazingly well written. I had quit reading for years due to boredom with books. After picking up this book and not being able to put it down, it reignited my spark for reading. Daleen has a real talent that very few people possess. I will forever be grateful for the help that I received through this informative and inspiring story.


Anonymous (Posted November 21, 2011)Author Daleen Berry is one of the bravest women I know. Her courage to tell this story inspires me to take off my “mask” and finally find some closure. I know many people will feel the same so I can only say Thank You so much for this gift.
Anonymous (Posted February 27, 2011)Got up Sunday morning after your book signing and started reading Sister of Silence — didn’t put it down and finished it that afternoon. Daleen, thank you for having the courage to tell your family’s story in such a sensitive and compelling way.I was moved by the book, but the one comment that really struck me as so true was when Trudy told you that she wanted to commend you for choosing your children over your husband because most women do not. I have known many women who chose men who were not even their children’s father over their children and subjected their children to years of domestic violence without a thought to the children. I commend you too for choosing to take the necessary action to protect your children and to begin a new, healthy and happier successful life. Your story will be an inspiration to many women who need to have a model to use on how to break the cycle.
Anonymous (Posted February 28, 2011)I had to read the book in one sitting. Ms. Berry’s heartbreaking story is beautifully written. This riveting memoir is a reminder of the need to teach our daughters and sons how to recognize abusive relationships and seek assistance. Ms. Berry’s strength and determination to care for her children and still recognize her dreams amaze me.
Rose SeftonPlease allow me to introduce myself: I am Rose Sefton, author of The Confederette; Family Reunion, Parallel Lives; Lock, Stock and Wine Barrel; and now Death by Fire and Ice. I have had the honor of reviewing Sister of Silence by Daleen Berry and see in her the kind of strong female protagonists I like to write about. However, Sister of Silence is not fiction; its hard-core reality of abuse toward women, in the form of child sexual assault, marital rape, and child abuse. In her book, she defines herself, her past trials and comes out stronger for it. This should be required reading for all women’s courses… and certainly in countries where the gender of an individual is based on the worth she brings to the males. I applaud Daleen Berry for telling the hard truths, and highly recommend this book. I give it five stars because it deserves it.
JoAnn Pomper Barham This was a painful book to read, but it was eye-opening and very helpful. Ms. Berry shares her story candidly and with great honesty. I know her openness in sharing what she lived through will help countless others who are in a similar situation. This is not as uncommon as people would think. I appreciate this book, and have recommended that my local library purchase it. I also recommend it to my friends, so that they might avoid this kind of situation in their own lives. We need to protect and education our children to avoid this kind of victimization.
By dapadilla1
Author Daleen Berry has the ability to transport you through her words to the exact location and time that her life is unfolding. Her ability to describe her environment and her personal feelings while she undergoes an unimaginable experience is what makes this book riveting. I’m not an avid reader, but I could not put this book down. Many times I would be reading until the early hours of the morning because I just had to know what happens next in her life’s journey. And there were many tears shed as I tried to relate to her experience – empathizing with her despair, her self loathing, and her anger with those who are supposed to be her support, but end up turning against her. The one saving grace in this book is how it all turns out in the end. It’s an inspirational read.
Sister of Silence (Click link to go to Amazon.)
I highly recommend this book. It was written from the heart and tells a personal story many of us can relate to. So many women live in abusive relationships and are silent. Daleen speaks out for all these women. I found myself in her story throughout the book. Thank you for writting what most of us are afraid to say. Thank you for giving women courage to seek help and move forward.
By MamaTobi
I prefer to read non-fiction/memoirs rather than fiction because real-life stories are simply so incredible. Berry shares the amazing story of her life of sexual abuse and eventual healing. I read it in a day and a half (317 pgs). I plan to share it widely. Every library should purchase a copy. Many of us have no idea how much pain some people live with all the time. Just as Berry was empowered when another woman shared her story, I’m sure Berry will help countless women (and men) through this revealing memoir.A note to Nellie Bly books: This book needs to undergo another edit . . .The only reason I mention the editing is because I really believe in this book–it just needs to be cleaned up a bit.
Published July 5, 2011 by Costas F. 
Even though I myself am an 18 year old young man, I have been exposed to abuse and found this book unable to put down until I read it all the way through. Read this book whatever your circumstances are; read it if you are a man, woman, older, younger, abused or not abused. This book definitely opens eyes to the deadly circle of abuse and the ways to fight against it.
5 -star Amazon review posted by ADM; May 19, 2011
A page turner for sure. A Highly recommended read for all women whether they have dealt with a situation like this or not. Hopefully one who reads this will be inspired to get out of an abusive relationship, or stay away from one.


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