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. . . and Some Starbucks Coffee!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Sister of Silence by Daleen Berry

Sister of Silence

by Daleen Berry

Giveaway ends December 10, 2011.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Updated Dec. 6, 2011: On Monday, 10 winners were selected at random for the Dearreader and Shelf-Awareness contest. The following people will receive a free copy of Sister of Silence and a Starbucks gift card: Brianna H., Avil Beckford, Gregory Sparks, Janice Chan, Richie Oviatt, Shaji Krishnan, Laureen Sonia, Joseph Macko, Teela Young, and Michele Arnold. (Because there were so many entries, I decided to choose another 10 winners–based on the content of their entries. Stay posted for those results. There was more than 150 entries, so it will take me some time to read them all again.)
For the last few days, two contests have been underway for readers in the blogosphere. And I’ve been bogged down with responses—so many I have had little time to attend to anything else—to the point where I totally forgot to post it here. Please don’t be offended! It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me.
What I have found time to do is post info about the contests at Facebook and Twitter. The first contest can be found at and You can sign up for the free newsletter at Shelf-Awareness (located on the home page on the right side, in a yellow circle) or “join” the library book club of your choice at DearReader, which will allow the blog to come to your inbox.
If you’re like me, though, and entry-form challenged, then just take a shortcut and go here, where you will find Sister of Silence and the contest. But hurry, it ends Sunday night (Dec. 4) at midnight (EST)!
On Monday, Dec. 5, there will be a drawing (by an independent and impartial person, who is under the age of 10) for Sister of Silence. Ten names will be pulled from the hat, and I will mail each person a copy of my paperback book AND (drum roll, please) a Starbucks gift card!
If you miss the deadline for that contest, don’t despair—there is a second one! It’s a free giveaway at Goodreads, a cool reading site for literary minds. All you do is register there, for free, and toss your name into the hat. This contest ends sometime Friday, Dec. 10. I’m not sure what time. (But when you enter, you’ll see the clock ticking down. And, if you’re better at math than I am, you should be able to figure it out for yourself.)
On Saturday, Dec. 11, there will be another drawing (by yet another independent and impartial person, who is under the age of 10) for Sister of Silence. Ten names will be pulled from the hat, and I will mail each person a copy of my paperback book. And something else free that you will like, and that may even be . . . a Gloria Jean’s gift card.
I’m going to post pictures—most likely on Facebook—of the names being drawn from the hat. If you’re one of the winners, and want me to post your picture, send me one (jpeg file) as soon as you receive word, and I’ll gladly post your picture, too.
Finally, if you simply must read my book as soon as possible (or if you have a problem with patience, like me), or if you’re loaded and just like paying for your guilty pleasures, there is still time to take advantage of my Cyber Monday special! It runs through this Saturday night.
Here’s how it works: Buy a paperback copy of Sister of Silence and receive a free 30-minute phone call or Skype (or Facebook) chat with the author. (That’s me!!!) If you hate the way a real book feels and smells, then skip the book and go for the e-book. It’s only $2.99, and it’s available for the Nook, for the Kindle and at Smashwords, for most other formats out there.
Sorry, no author chat included. Well, if you twist my arm I might . . . okay, what the hey, you win: I will throw in a free 10-minute phone call or chat. (Take the phone call—there’s just something about hearing someone’s voice that’s a bonus.) Besides, then you’ll know what I sound like and be able to hear me reading in your head as you dig into my book.
Hopefully, I’ll be the only other voice in your head you hear, besides your own!


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