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In the last two weeks, I have been so busy writing, working and learning that I’ve had little time to write my blog.
So here’s a very brief update for anyone who’s following the Sister of Silence story.
After the gas pump experience—which was pretty cool, I thought—I was content to know that people are recommending my book to total strangers while pumping fuel. But it’s just “been getting better (and better) and growing stronger,” to steal a line from an old Mama Cass song I like.
First off, I received an email from Hanah, an eleven-year-old whose mom, Aimee, gave her the go-ahead (and, apparently, the Good Housekeeping seal of approval) to read Sister of Silence. Turns out, when Aimee had been a young girl, her mom had given her The Burning Bed to read. The book paid off, and Aimee told me she learned not to tolerate abusive relationships, as a result. So after reading my book, she gave it to her daughter, Hanah, to read—for the same reason.
Aside from telling me how much she loved it, Hanah’s email said she had a mile-long list of readers waiting for her to finish it. She also said she liked Sister of Silence so much she really didn’t want to loan it out. (Which made me smile. A lot.)
I’m having trouble keeping up with all these incredible stories, too, so this may not be entirely new. Somewhere along the way, I was invited to speak at a book club this Friday. When I called Reva, one of the members, I learned something else that made me very happy. Reva said her copy of Sister of Silence is now in Wisconsin. She loaned it to her two daughters, who will loan it to their local beauty parlor owner, who will pass it on to her clients. It’s a tradition they have with really good books, and it saves the economically-strapped small-town residents from having to spend money they don’t really need to. Reva wasn’t really sure how many people would read that one copy—she just said she hopes she gets it back!
Reva also said SOS needs to be in every school in the country–for the teachers to read.
Now onto a story that started in March, when I went to California. There I sold two copies to Whitney, who said she wanted to take one to her mom when she returned home for a visit. Her mom, Suzanne, has spent her professional life in the social services field, helping others. I just received her email today. Here’s what Suzanne said:
“I am Whitney Thorniley’s mother. She told me about your book and brought it with her on her last visit. I have just finished it and want to let you know how much I appreciate your brave and insightful account. I was moved, touched, worried and exhausted for you as I turned each page . . . Sister of Silence is written in a voice that will speak to women from multiple socioeconomic and educational levels. You have created a gift in the sharing of your story and I would love to help you promote it.”
Thank you Aimee, Hanah, Reva and Suzanne! I’m honored, humbled and, quite honestly, blown away.
Editor’s note: Sister of Silence, which is not about Farrah Fawcett but which does speak to women of all races, ages, income levels and backgrounds, is available now for only $14.99.


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