Your wait is over: Sister of Silence to be made into an e-book!

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I know it’s been more than seven days, and yes, it will be a few more days, but I promise you will be able to order your own electronic version of Sister of Silence within one week!
For everyone who has been eagerly awaiting this announcement, please check back soon for more details as they become available. And please be sure to let all of your friends know they can order Sister of Silence for their e-readers.
My first response was “Wahoo!” like Albert Einstein in the movie IQ. Because, in just a few days, you will be able to read the Sister of Silence e-book on your iPhone, Nook, Kindle, Droid and just about any other electronic toy you personally possess. How exciting!
My only question is: Do I have to pay for my own personal copy when it comes out?
I’ll share the details with you as they become available.
Editor’s note: For all you traditional book lovers who turn up your collective noses at the very idea of an (*sniff*) e-book, Sister of Silence, which speaks to women of all races, ages, income levels and backgrounds, is still available for only $14.99.


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