How many cakes can I bake in 2012?

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I’m not sure, but I’m hoping to find out. Having just returned from Mexico and still ill, I’m a little behind the curve this week. But after my super drugs kick in (garlic, cayenne, and some great herbs to boost my immunity), I’m sure I’ll be back on track.

Not all details are carved in stone yet, so I’ll wait until they are before sharing publicly. But they are VERY exciting! Until then, I hope you enjoy a few nibbles of cake batter:

  • Five book clubs will be chosen by the owner of this website, and up to 10 members from each club will receive a free copy of Sister of Silence. Contest rules say to enter “by Feb. 9 to win,” so don’t delay! Here’s the link:
  • Next up: The paperback version of Sister of Silence was recently revised, and I’m honored that several prominent author quotes are now listed on the back cover and inside front matter. It remains available at Nellie Bly Books, and can once again be ordered through Amazon. Barnes and Noble offers only used copies of the paperback. If you’re a supplier of books, you can get it directly through Nellie Bly Books or my distributor, Lightning Source.
  • The e-book remains available at Amazon, B&N and, for Apple aficionados (or PC users who don’t have an e-reader), at Smashwords. The links for all of these are right here, at Nellie Bly Books.
  • I’ve been working on a ghostwriting project for a local woman whose family helped settle West Virginia. Cheatin’ Ain’t Easy is an autobiography and a great story—a complete departure from my own. I’m hoping to share more details about that soon, too.
  • Lethal Silence, the academic text I promised you in December, should be out to readers by March. I apologize for the delay.
  • Several people who read Sister of Silence have requested a book of my compiled “Vintage Berry Wine” newspaper columns, the back-burner project that’s been near and dear to my (and my children’s heart) for some time. So hopefully, I can make some progress on that this year, too!
  • If you’re looking for SOS reviews, there are plenty—and plenty more to come, I’m told—at Amazon and others at B&N. (I’ve copied and pasted many of these same reviews to the NBB site, too, on a separate page.) Enthusiastic readers have also begun leaving reviews at Goodreads, and they’re streaming to your right, if you’re reading this from my home page.
  • Finally, there’s the upcoming Sister of Silence book trailer video, which will be posted to YouTube and elsewhere, once it’s a wrap. We’re just trying to come up with the necessary funding to make sure this project is as professional as possible, and plan to release it as soon as we feel we have a quality product worth watching. Local Morgantown, W.Va., businesses who donated money or other resources to this project include: the Historic Clarion Hotel Morgan, WVU’s College of Creative Arts, Marca and Mark at the UPS Store, and Citizens Bank of Morgantown. (Please see the “Donate” button on the home page if you’re interested in helping.) We greatly appreciate this support, because what we’ve done so far wouldn’t have been possible without your help—and we truly look forward to thanking you in the end credits!

    In the meantime, I’ll be speaking and teaching at various events around the state and the country. You can find more details at Nellie Bly Books’ author events page.
    Now I’m off for to have some homemade chicken noodle soup, compliments of a dear friend who dropped it off yesterday, some more meds and a nice relaxing siesta. Hope your own day is soothing and productive!


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