Caught somewhere between technophobia and becoming a technophile

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This site was designed to promote my writing, and interact with my readers, much like I did when my Vintage Berry Wine columns appeared each week in the Preston County Journal/News. Sadly, I’ve largely ignored it, only writing something here or there. That’s due to several reasons but, among them is the need to become more wired. Facebook is something I’ve been on since college, when it was just for college students (Yes, I’m THAT old!), but Twitter is a tool I’ve only recently begun to use. And I don’t use it well. As time passes, hopefully I’ll learn how to use the symbols that seem to make Twitter go snap, crackle, pop! but until then, I hope you’ll bear with me.
Most recently, I’ve been trying to use their networking tools, and this site, to promote my book, Sister of Silence. It’s being published by Nellie Bly Books, a local West Virginia publisher, in February 2011. In the meantime, though, a limited number of advance copies are available. If you’d like one, please order from the publisher’s site.

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