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This is my life from twenty-six years ago. These are also the opening words from my book, Sister of Silence. My only son suggested I post them here, to share with other people who may be able to learn from them. I’m rather hesitant–after all, there is some distance between an author and her readers, when those readers buy the book online or in a bookstore, and read it in the privacy of their own home. It wasn’t even until 2007, when Jeannette Walls (The Glass Castle) gave me some advice that helped me realize I had to be truthful enough to include this part of my life in the book. Because, let’s face it, it’s another thing entirely to open up the book and share it with the world. That being said, let me just say that postpartum depression coupled with extreme abuse combined to create the feelings I experienced that led to these opening words:

“White knuckles clenched the crib rail as I stood looking down at my newborn. Leaning over, I lifted the sleeping bundle and held it against my breast, feeling the softness of new skin as he pulled tiny legs up against his body. The small silky head turned as he continued breathing slow and evenly, and I felt the whisper of his warm breath against the pillow my neck provided.
Cradling him lovingly, I slowly walked over to the open window, held out my arms, and let go.”

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