And yet here it is, 17 days later!

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If anything proves that “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” it’s a lapse of 17 days since my last post. How on earth do bloggers do it, anyway? Or Tweeters, for that matter? Aside from figuring out the lingo needed to tweet, how do they find time to text (via cell phone) or pound out (via keyboard) a snippet of anything, several times an hour? I can’t do it.
I’m left wondering how short their attention span is, as a result of what appears to be a never-ending flow of interruptions in their daily routine. Once upon a time, I would schedule my day around chunks of time that lasted at least an hour. Usually more. Growing older, and wiser, I learned the wisdom of working on my to-do list while I waited in line at the supermarket or bank. But I stop at allowing everyone anywhere to step into my personal space while I’m trying to concentrate and accomplish a task–whatever that task may be.
I don’t think the constant stream of interruptions are good for us. I think it’s leading to a less patient group of people who, instead of craving time out, expect to be hit in the face with the next new thing to know. That’s because now, instead of thinking or planning or jotting down an important idea while waiting in line–at Disney theme parks, apparently–people are being entertained. I heard it here just the other day.
Resolutions have never been my thing, new year or not. But I will try to post here more frequently. You might want to try to slow down a bit, though, before you’re overloaded with so much stimulation your brain explodes.

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